S5E4: The Magic Tree – Derek Loudermilk: Father | Digital Nomad | Traveler

Can a traveler have a home base? What does stability mean to an adventurer? Is the push-pull siren call of the two different traveling worlds surmountable? Derek Loudermilk, host of The Art of Adventure, answers all of these questions and more, unprompted and in depth. Derek is a father, a digital nomad, and a traveler who believes in the power of dichotomy and travels with his infant son, Axel. An adventurer and a businessman, Derek seeks to help others who have the elusive dream of becoming location independent. Between the jungles of Bali, his wife’s nesting abilities, and his location independence set of skills, Derek is never far from home.

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The Magic Tree

Derek Loudermilk’s story takes place in the jungles of central Bali, in one of his favorite regions – in the central highlands, in a place called Bedugul. This space is very primal for him, and he loves to spend time up there to connect with nature, which he believes can make a person more creative, confident, and self-aware. During one afternoon walk in the jungles, Derek experienced a surprising connection with nature: upon entering a clearing with an ancient, massive tree, and placing his hands on the tree, he got an electro-emotional shock. He says the tree was trying to tell him something. When he put his hands on the tree again, it happened a second time, with Derek experiencing a flood of emotions, sweating, and crying. What happened when he was given time alone with the tree would change Derek’s life from thereon out, as well as his work and his further wellbeing.

The Best of Both Worlds: Travel Edition

Hayden met Derek Loudermilk when they both guested on The Budget-Minded Traveler, and Hayden realized how interesting, curious, and unique he was. Derek has lived on four continents, and he values traveling slowly and getting to know the culture. Derek is a wholehearted believer in the power of music. He and Hayden share their stories on the topic, with Derek giving a bit of insight into his father and different ways to make music on the go. In regards to his father and the rest of his family, Derek remembers the time he spent camping and traveling as a child. His family wanted to travel somewhere new every year when he was young, which led to his love of exploration, which he now wishes to pass onto his infant son, Axel, whom he travels with now. Axel is a zen child who likes to travel, which leads Hayden and Derek to explore the effects of traveling from infancy on a person. Derek believes in showing Axel the best of both worlds. People’s lives can change in a single moment and take them on a new track in life, a new direction, and traveling can help people discover their own self-identity. Saying yes to opportunities can open doors to potential paths, but saying no can create a permanence that allows you stability; this dichotomy, Derek says, is an interesting push-pull that can be necessary to create the life you want to live and to get stuff done. Going on your own hero’s journey and experiencing and learning and growing is a path only you can take for yourself; nobody else can take it for you.

How Can I Gain Location Independence?

Derek is the host of The Art of Adventure, being an adventurer himself. Hayden believes adventurers are the types of travelers with the best stories. Derek remembers a bit of advice he once received: “You’re an adventurer, just do it.” Opening yourself up to new opportunities and thinking outside of the mundane can create an adventurer out of you in seconds. Looking at options outside of the box, taking these ideas and making it so, will give you journeys you never could have anticipated. Nothing is impossible; everything that exists has come from someone just giving some odd idea a try. For example, location independence, which Derek lives, is its own unique idea and path in life. It grants him location freedom, letting him work from wherever he wants, and so travel wherever he wants. If you want this, too, you can make location independence your business. To learn more about anything, you just need to find someone who is in the place you want to be in and ask them for guidance. In regards to location independence, Derek offers free thirty-minute strategy sessions. If you send him an email (his address is listed below, in Links and References), you can schedule a time to jump on a call with him. Location independence and a new path in life is just a phone call away.

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