Unpacking Season Five

Cody and Nicole are back to help Hayden as he unpacks season five, discusses his favorite overarching travel themes, highlight their favorite moments of the season, and look forward to the epic upcoming changes of season six.

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In this unpacking and season five finale of the Travel Stories Podcast, Hayden is joined again by Cody and Nicole to reflect on the past season of episodes. They discuss their highlights from the past few months and what they thought of their guests and the stories they shared this season. They also share flashbacks to their favorite moments. You’ll remember this season featured Kinga Phillips, Rachel Rudwall, Amie and Matt Leichtfuss, Derek Loudermilk, Amanda Kendle, Juliana Dever, Yann Ilunga, Kristin Addie, Taylor Zajonc, Dana Newman, Eric Trules, Mark Wolters, and Rolf Potts. The gang shares their favorite episodes and moments from this season.

In between ramblings that get entirely off-track, discussions about their lives, and opinions on travel, the gang actually discuss the themes that they see cropping up in every episode of the season, and how those travel motifs make the season and the journeys richer and more flavorful. They talk about their own lives and goals, the connections Hayden made this season, how the gang makes adventures out of their everyday lives, how Cody composed his scores this season, and which animal Hayden should choose as his familiar. They also discuss how skepticism might play a hand in their understanding of travel stories, those that have inspired us this season, the power of solo travel, whether or not Christmas should be every day, and the concept of “being enough” for travel. Hayden, Cody, and Nicole tear this season apart and examine every bit they can reach while also teasing one another and joking until the main thread of conversation has been completely lost.

The team also discusses past guests and fans from previous seasons, travel opportunities for anyone and everyone, and their favorite themes from the season. Their finish of the season focuses on the upcoming season, and our biggest season-to-season changes to date. Coming up next season is a total shift, because Hayden will be traveling around mainland Europe on his motorbike, discussing his upcoming daily travel vlogs, his interviews with strangers he meets along the way, and his own explorations of themes he comes across in his travelers. Listen to the whole episode to hear Hayden explain his goals for season six.

We hope that you enjoy the break, and (even more so) that you enjoy our upcoming season six!

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